Blinds vs. curtains: which option is best suited for you?

    With so many design factors to consider, how do you find your unique look when it comes to styling the windows of your home?

    Whether you live in a sprawling mansion, studio apartment, high-rise building or cosy cottage there’s one thing they all have in common windows. While it may be a matter of personal style, you should carefully consider the best option between blinds or curtains when it comes to your budget, longevity, aesthetics and lighting preferences.

    The trending window treatments for 2022 focus on blinds remaining a popular choice for modern homesteads. While beautifully draped curtains offer a more classic approach, there have been many new curtain designs to give the convenience of blinds a run for its money! Seeff takes a look at whether either blinds or curtains are best suited for your current or future home.

    Fun with functionality

    couple measuring blinds

    Space is undoubtedly the first item to look at when deciding between blinds or curtains. The dimensions of a room and its windows differ throughout the house and this needs to be carefully considered. What will work in the kitchen might not be the best choice for the bathroom or living room and so forth. 

    Depending on whether you welcome an abundance of natural lighting, or your windows are positioned in such a way to allow light to come through at certain angles — you may want to consider a variety of blinds. This allows you to control the amount of light infiltrating the room and adjust accordingly. Remote controlled blinds are a luxurious addition to your interior and elevate the overall feel of a home. 

    The most popular variety in 2022 is the roller blinds, which offer the right balance of privacy, affordability and aesthetic appeal. They are usually constructed out of fabric or screen material and are available in a vast selection of colours and styles. 

    While roller blinds are gaining traction in window treatments, curtains are still the safest bet when it comes to the insulation and soundproofing of a room. They provide an element of warmth and privacy that is more substantial than blinds are capable of achieving due to design differences. 

    Parting ways

    Another factor to take into account when deciding between curtains or blinds is the ease at which you can transfer curtains to your new home and the logistical difficulty that blinds impose. While blinds last longer, they are often custom-designed to be a permanent fixture in a home. With curtains, less modification in your new place is required to adjust to its specifications. Even with custom length curtains, height alterations can be made to fit even the most over-the-top window dressing. 

    If affordability is a key component of your decision making, curtains are a value-for-money choice. Even with the materials used, they work out cheaper than having blinds fitted and installed, as you are able to remove and replace them at will. However, blinds are easier to maintain as they require minimal cleaning effort and are a hypoallergenic alternative that retains less dust.

    Modern colour palettes 

    neutral coloured blinds

    Neutrals are still the name of the game when it comes to interior trends in 2022 and window treatments follow the same pattern. With warm earth tones, cool nudes and deep shades - blinds stay on trend by offering long-lasting designs in wood, solid and sheer fabrics and screens made from easily recyclable materials. From cordless to venetian blinds, the neutral tones of most store-bought and custom ordered blinds seamlessly blend in with both minimal and niche inspired interiors.

    Curtain colour palettes are infinite but often kept on the lighter side in recent times to give the impression of maximising space. Prints and textures are used to add depth to fabric, with lace, tulle, linen, satin and cotton among the top choices. While it simply isn’t practical to have curtains in kitchens or bathrooms for design and aesthetic reasons, they do add a special charm in other areas of the home. 

    At Seeff, we understand the importance of exploring every visual option available when it comes to interior decorating and we know that being satisfied you’ve made the right decision makes all the difference. We are confident that a Seeff consultant can cater to your every property need and assist in queries from buying and selling, to maintenance and décor. Contact our talented team today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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