Have fun with these modern coffee table decor ideas

    A coffee table is a timeless piece of furniture in any home. It has evolved with the rest of interior decor and has now become a focal point in living rooms. Take advantage of these coffee table decorating ideas to elevate your home to fashionable heights. 

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    Select a coffee table

    The first step to having an eye-catching centrepiece is choosing the right coffee table. What purpose do you want it to serve? Does it need to be functional or just for decoration? Will you need to baby-proof the corners? Which style and shape work best for your space? Materials such as wood, glass, ceramic and brass are popular choices for a modern home

    Once you pick the coffee table of your dreams, how will you choose to accessorise it? A vignette can be described as a small collection of items on top of your coffee table that tells a story about you and your home. The key to creating a coffee table vignette that will leave a lasting impression is choosing and layering items that are subtly connected.

    Symmetrical coffee table styling 

    Among many different coffee table decorating ideas, balance is a crucial component. Picture tasteful and interesting coffee table books stacked neatly, scented candles of varying colours, flower arrangements along the middle of the table or even special picture frames.

    Making use of symmetry to achieve a sense of visual harmony is an easy way to ensure your coffee table catches the eye of guests in your home. 

    Positioning your coffee table correctly 

    Consider the dimensions of your home and be realistic about the space you have. Open-plan houses are usually more versatile to work with when it comes to styling, as it has the capacity to be fluid. Positioning your coffee table in the centre of your open-plan living room, in proximity to your front door entrance, promotes the area as a social space. Once you’ve established that your coffee table will serve as a gathering point, ensure that the lighting is welcoming, not too harsh and shines a spotlight on your carefully-curated coffee table. 

    Kid-proof your coffee table

    Having little ones around the house means that sharp corners and easy-to-remove ornaments can be dangerous. Make sure your coffee table is kid friendly by using corner protectors, edge guards or foam taped to the edges. Make sure you get rid of any small or harmful objects from the table and keep it basic for the kids to enjoy arts and crafts on at a moment’s notice. 

    pink flowers and books on wooden coffee table

    Floral arrangement statement 

    Gorgeous flower arrangements steal the show in any setting and coffee tables were made to showcase them in all their glory. Regardless of size, a flower arrangement is a wonderful addition to your home. Use unique vases to add an artistic element to the freshness the flowers bring. Play with tall stemmed blooms to add height or low bouquets that draw attention to the coffee table. 

    Less is more

    Having too many decorative pieces can cause the opposite effect and create visual chaos. Take the minimalist approach and let your coffee table speak for itself. Whether your kids want to use it as a play table while you put your feet up and relax, or you display chic decor and use it for entertaining purposes, your coffee table will be a reflection of your home and life. It’s best to keep it simple. 

    trendy home office with wooden furniture and indoor plants

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