10 Coffee table decorating ideas

    Apply these 10 decorative coffee table ideas to turn your coffee table into a living room staple with Seeff

    The living room is often considered to be the most important room in the house, and so it seems fitting that the coffee table should be the most significant piece of décor within it. From table lamps to adjacent wall art and front door proximity.

    We share 10 coffee table decorating ideas to elevate your coffee table to greater heights.

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    brown coffee table with copper vignette decorations

    Idea 1: Vignette Etiquette 

    When decorating your coffee table, the composition of a vignette is perhaps the most effective idea to breathe new life into the living room. A vignette can be described as a small collection of items on top of your coffee table that tells a story about you and your home, in a visually appealing manner.

    The key to creating a coffee table vignette that will leave a lasting impression is choosing and layering items that are subtly connected in shape, theme, style or even colour. From books to decorative ornaments, from chessboards to candles, your chosen objects for your coffee table vignette will portray important personal details about what kind of person you are.

    cream coffee table with symmetry decorations

    Idea 2: Symmetry Affinity

    Among many different coffee table decorating ideas, balance is a crucial component of any coffee table vignette. Making use of symmetry to achieve a sense of visual harmony is an easy way to ensure your coffee table catches the eye of guests in your home. When it comes to symmetry, the magic number is not two, but three. The middle object grounds the presentation, while the other objects on either side should be of a similar size to balance the entire display.

    Grey and mustard living room with coffee table near front door

    Idea 3: Front Door Proximity

    When considering decorating your coffee table, proper placement is as important as the aesthetic. A dominant architectural trend since the early 1990s, open plan living can improve the overall appearance of your kitchen, dining room and living room, increasing opportunities to bring the family closer together through communal living.

    Positioning your coffee table in the center of your open plan living room, in proximity to your front door entrance, promotes the area as a social space where family and friends want to spend time connecting together from the moment, they enter your home. Along with promoting genuine social interaction, this new placement of your coffee table is sure to bring the desired attention.

    Rustic coffee table with lamp and antique typewriter

    Idea 4: Table Lamps

    When decorating the coffee table in your living room, it is perhaps most important to ensure that there is quality lighting that illuminates the room, creating a sense of ambience surrounding your coffee table. Table lamps have become the preferred alternative when considering living room lighting options. 

    Practicality aside, table lamps are also the ideal decorative statement piece to set the stage and shine the spotlight on your otherwise dull coffee table. From industrial to contemporary, there are a wide variety of table lamps available to choose from and you are sure to find the perfect one just for you.

    coffee table focal point lighting piece

    Idea 5: Focal Point Piece

    When considering decorative items for your coffee table vignette, it is essential to decide on a piece that will be the focal point piece of your display. This item does not necessarily need to be large or overwhelming, however, it could be unusual in colour or shape to spark interest and conversation. The primary role of this focal point piece is to unify the other objects in your coffee table vignette and immediately catch the eye of visitors who enter your home.

    coffee table with pink flower arrangement

    Idea 6: Floral Arrangement Statement 

    Nothing screams decorative quite like a floral arrangement; the addition of a vase of gorgeous flowers to the coffee table is sure to bring a layer of elegance to your living room. Regardless of size, a flower arrangement is sure to catch the eye (and hopefully nose) of guests entering your home. Another small design trick to elevate the height and presence of your floral arrangement is to place the vase on top of a short pile of books.

    With each season giving way to the blossoming of different types of flowers, there are so many choices to consider for your colourful floral arrangement.

    coffee table near wall art

    Idea 7: Wall Art 

    If you are decorating your coffee table in the living room, creating contrast is essential; what better way to effectively produce a contrasting effect with your coffee table than by introducing some adjacent wall art. 

    From simple DIY pieces like framing photos and accessories to full-scale gallery walls, the possibilities are endless and only limited to your imagination and personal taste. Following a cohesive theme with your chosen art pieces is an effective way to make your wall art stand out and create the desired contrast.

    coffee table with rustic and refined center piece

    Idea 8: Rustic & Refined Combined 

    Combining an eclectic mix of items for your coffee table vignette is another way to create harmony in your living room. The contrast of modern and simple decorative items is a visual fusion that just seems to work together.

    From antique ceramic vases placed upon a modern steel coffee table to chic glass ornaments set next to rustic wooden coasters, there are countless different combinations you could choose from.

    coffee table twin round set

    Idea 9: Multiple Round Tables

    The idea of a single coffee table is a traditional option when decorating your living room, however why stop at one? Break the tradition by staggering two or three smaller cocktail coffee tables throughout your living room space and decide on a different accent piece for each. 

    The chosen accent pieces can follow a cohesive décor theme or have only subtle relation to each other, the choice is yours. This modern twist on the traditional way of decorating your coffee table is perfect for those looking for alternative living room design ideas.

    coffee table minimalist design

    Idea 10: Minimalist Magic

    The most important point to remember when decorating your coffee table and the surrounding living room is that less can often be more. Having too many decorative pieces can cause the opposite effect and create visual chaos instead of harmony. 

    Taking the minimalist approach to your decorating process is often the most effective, taking careful consideration to the statement pieces and accents that you wish to incorporate into your overall décor theme. 

    couple holding hands around coffee table

    With so many coffee table decorating ideas available, Seeff has put together some top tips to turn your living room real estate into something special.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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