What to consider before you move to the Western Cape

    With its sought-after lifestyle, the Western Cape has always been a popular place to put down roots. However, post-pandemic trends and the rise in remote working have made the province a top choice for semigrants.

    You may be one of the lucky ones eyeing up a move. Before you pack your bags, there’s much to consider. This guide will help you do your homework, so you can semigrate to the Western Cape successfully.

    Consider your reasons for semigrating

    Like any move, your semigration should be backed by a solid reason. It’s important to identify the phase of life you’re in and whether semigration makes sense. Here are some common reasons people choose to semigrate to the Western Cape:

    • Career: The Western Cape provides a stellar experience for the remote worker. However, those moving to Cape Town, for instance, can also enjoy a higher average salary than in Johannesburg.
    • Family: Your family’s needs should be a priority. For kids, the province offers top-tier schools and a great tertiary education at the University of Cape Town, for example. If you’re retiring, the province boasts some of the best healthcare facilities and professionals in the country.
    • Lifestyle: Does your new area fit your desired way of life? Semigrants in the Western Cape can enjoy the hustle and bustle of vibrant Cape Town or opt for the laid-back vibes of a town along the Garden Route.
    • Amenities: Are you in search of specific amenities? You’ll find the Western Cape ticks all the boxes when it comes to schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and restaurants.
    • Safety: If escaping crime is high on your list, you’ll find many parts of the Western Cape provide peace of mind. And with properties, especially in security estates, providing top-notch protection, you can live without fear.
    • Governance: Living in an area where refuse is collected regularly, parks and libraries are maintained, and storm-water systems are fixed is a common semigration reason. You may choose to head to the Western Cape as it leads the pack with municipalities receiving clean audits.

    Think with your head and not your heart. A new area should provide you with a higher quality of life, so consider your needs and see how the area can rise up to meet them.

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    Consider if you have the right budget

    Semigration can be a costly affair. While it may be easier if you’re single, without dependants, or have a job secured on the other side, there are still several expenses to consider. You’ll need to budget for buying or renting your house, making repairs to your property (where applicable), and moving costs. Also, consider the cost of living. Reports indicate Cape Town, for example, has a lower cost of living compared to Durban and Johannesburg. However, it has the highest accommodation costs.

    Consider if everyone is on board

    Never discount the physical and emotional impact of moving. Changing locations means leaving behind family and friends, potentially changing working environments, switching up routines, and taking on new financial burdens. You should have a chat with your family to see if they are aware of what a move will require and whether they are prepared to adapt and make sacrifices where necessary.

    Consider which area is best for you

    There’s a lot of variety on offer in the Western Cape, so do your research to find which part fits your needs. You will need to weigh your budget, lifestyle needs, and distance to work, to name a few factors. Each Western Cape city and town has a unique appeal. Loadshedding is less severe in Cape Town, for example, which is fantastic if you’re opening a business in the area or working remotely. Hermanus, on the other hand, maybe be more appealing if you’re after a quieter, tranquil small-town life.

    Consider if you can rent before you buy

    One of the biggest missteps semigrators make is not getting a sense of the area before they buy property. If you have the budget and patience to rent first, it will help you make an informed decision. By renting before you buy, you can get a feel for the area’s weather, community, amenities, and traffic. In this way, you can easily move to another part of your town or city or even a completely different location within the Western Cape.

    Consider creating a support structure

    While packing up and moving is easy for some, it can be a challenge to leave behind your support structure. Consider if you can start afresh; you may need to reach out to extended family or old friends in your new area. It’s more likely you will need to build a new network by getting to know your neighbours or joining local clubs and societies. This also extends to your healthcare providers; be sure to check reviews and ask around to find new carers who were just as good (if not better) than the ones you had back home.

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    All the best with your move

    Semigrating to the Western Cape is an exciting time in your life. Seeff wishes you well on the journey and would love to help you make an effortless transition. Our property practitioners in the province have the expertise to find your ideal home in the neighbourhood best suited to your needs. Contact us today to get started.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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