The Secret Weapon That Could Help South African Homeowners to Sell Property in the Summer Months

    A beautiful garden and braai facilities could be what you need to attract buyers and sell your property in summer

    With Spring in bloom and summer, only a few months away, South African buyers and tenants head outdoors; sellers and landlords have a unique opportunity to attract their interest and sell property. It all comes down to a secret weapon: a beautiful garden. So, before summer arrives, use these few months to get your home and garden ready for buyers.

    Many factors influence a buyer’s decision to purchase a property, but a well-kept garden and attractive braai area are undoubtedly high on the list. According to a study by Sell House Fast in the United Kingdom, a garden can add between 5% to 20% to a property’s value. In addition, survey data from the Husqvarna Group revealed that 53% of respondents claimed the lawn was the most important feature regarding increasing property value.

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    Why Are Potential Buyers Seeking Homes With a Gorgeous Garden?

    After the strict lockdowns imposed due to COVID-19, people are itching to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. They are seeking homes with lots of garden space within a secure setting, and we’ve seen this trend in the increasing popularity of estates.

    If you’re not yet convinced that beautifying your garden is worthwhile for selling property, consider that the garden is often the first thing buyers notice. It sets the tone of the viewing experience and can even be the drawcard that makes a buyer stop their car and inspect the interior of the property. Consider, too, that buyers don’t necessarily want to invest much of their own money into the garden upon purchase. If the garden is already well-maintained and needs minimal alterations, buyers could be more tempted to make an offer.

    However, you don’t need to redo your entire garden completely; a neat garden with some beautiful flowers and greenery can do the trick. Even a novice gardener can prepare their garden for a potential property sale. It simply needs to appear inviting and tidy.

    The Importance of a Braai for Potential Buyers

    The braai is an important feature for South African buyers; after all, a braai is not only a braai. It is a social gathering, a way of life. A braai area can serve as an entertainment area for friends and family during the hot summer months when eating outdoors is preferable to sitting around a dining table or in front of the TV. A poll by Property Fix from a few years ago revealed that 4% of participants were prepared to spend up to R20 000 more on a property if it came equipped with a braai area!

    If your garden includes braai facilities, you increase the chances of selling your property. Many apartments today also offer a built-in braai on the patio or communal braai facilities.

    Four Important Considerations Before You Invest In Your Garden 

    The first thing to consider before investing in your garden is to choose natural grass. Seeff reports that an artificial lawn generally does not prove popular with buyers unless they are specifically looking for a low-maintenance garden.

    Secondly, owning a small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t offer potential buyers a beautiful garden. Indoor and container gardening, hanging pots, and even a vertical garden are all attractive trends. For more ideas, read Seeff’s blog on outdoor plants for small spaces.

    A third thing to consider is that plants respond differently depending on their environment. To ensure you choose the right plants for your area, Seeff recommends you consult your local nursery. For example, South Africa’s favourite gardener, Keith Kirsten, who designed the late President Nelson Mandela’s garden, shared that indigenous plants are a great option during the hot summer months because they can survive with minimal water.

    Lastly, if you are renting your property, it is worth retaining a garden service to maintain your garden. You can include this cost in the monthly rental. Thus if you ever decide to sell your property, the garden will be in excellent condition for potential buyers.  

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    Are you getting ready to sell your home? Read Seeff’s blog for tips on selling property. If you want to improve more than just your garden and wow buyers with the interior of your home, here are some of the best home improvement ideas.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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