5 ways to make your outdoor space fun and inviting

    A great home is one that is functional, comfortable and stylish all in one. A cohesive style makes all the difference in home decor and one area that’s often overlooked when it comes to this is the outside. We show you how to transform your simple backyard or patio into an outdoor space that’s an entertainer’s dream and worthy of being shown off. 

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    1. Make your neighbours green with envy

    Before you get into the nitty-gritty of making your outdoor space a haven for you and our guests, you must ensure the space is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. People live through visuals and being surrounded by a pretty environment is no different. Think carefully about the landscaping choices that will make your space appealing.

    Have a green thumb and love gardening? Invest in clay pots you’d find at any homeware store or nursery and fill them with your favourite flowers or herbs. You can maintain an attractive herb garden year-round and wall planters can be used as an element of design. 

    Plants like jasmine, mint and roses give off a delightful fragrance that is sure to make your outdoor space a refreshing atmosphere while you sip on sundowners or have your morning cup of coffee. 

    What you need to consider:

    • What are the easiest potted plants to grow? 

    Maintaining a garden filled with potted plants is low effort compared to planting them directly into the soil. As well as being eye-catching, some of the simplest sprouts are flowers such as wisteria, holly, petunias and succulents. An added bonus is that you can take them when you move!

    • Is astroturf a sustainable option?

    If you’re someone who likes the look and feel of a natural garden but without all the fuss of landscaping, consider astroturf as a good alternative to a healthy lawn. However, it does absorb heat so is more suitable for cooler climates. Your colourful pot plants will look positively perfect perched on the lush, evergreen astroturf. 

    • What are some of the best wall planters? 

    Eco-friendly, versatile and stylish wall planters are a quick and easy way to update your outdoor space. From woven designs to hanging ferns and compact geometric pots, you can match your planters to the rest of your space with flair.

    2. Invest in the correct outdoor furniture

    Any design aspects you include in your outdoor space need to be able to withstand the weather conditions of your area. Durable materials like wicker and wrought iron are great options when it comes to outdoor furniture. Place some comfy cushions on the seats and add a matching removable table cloth for entertaining.

    6 Seater Outdoor Patio Set

    Source: Makro

    If you’re happy with your existing furniture and simply want to update the look and feel of your set, consider spray paint in a hot metallic colour for a modern approach. For a more classic texture, sandpaper and a good old lick of paint does wonders. 

    Using your outdoor furniture as storage is also a great way to double your bang for your buck. Buy couches you can store pillows, braai utensils, throws, gardening equipment and more inside.

    What you need to consider:

    • Will your furniture be exposed to a lot of sunlight? 

    Can you believe we live in a world where SPF for your outdoor furniture exists? Consider buying special fabric protectants in easy-to-use spray bottles that prevent fading and sun damage when used correctly. If you prefer a more practical approach, invest in patio covers that enclose furniture in a protective layer against all the elements.

    • What are the most durable materials?

    For a modern look, opt for galvanised or stainless steel. They aren’t rust-prone and are lightweight enough to move easily while still being sturdy enough to provide longevity. 

    • How do you keep your outdoor cushions from flying around the neighbourhood? 

    Consider classic cushion ties that secure your pillows to the backs of your chairs. You can also attach velcro strips to your covers that always keep them in the perfect position. Alternatively, store them away only to be used when needed.

    3. Set the mood with the right lighting

    Nothing is more inviting than a well-lit space that caters to the social setting. It’s a good idea to have bright outside lights for food preparation and kids' parties that run later into the evening, but for more intimate settings invest in lamp shades with adjustable dimmer settings. You can also use outdoor string lights draped around the walls or plants for an ethereal feel that feels like you’re sitting amongst the stars. 

    What you need to consider:

    • What wattage should you use for outside lights?

    Anything between 40-80 watt bulbs are ideal for lighting up outdoor spaces. 

    • Which areas of your space should you use lights for?

    Garden paths, driveways and seating areas should be well lit for safety and entertaining purposes.

    • Is warm white or cool white better for outdoor lighting?

    A natural, warm white in LED form is often used to enhance the hues of outdoor plants and features

    4. Pave the way with suitable flooring

    It’s important that the type of flooring you choose for your outdoor space works well for your lifestyle. If you do your fair share of entertaining, you should choose something easy-on-the-eye while still being durable. Brickwork in a beautiful pattern is still a firm favourite when it comes to outdoor flooring, as it looks unique and stands the test of time. 

    While tile flooring may look neat and pretty, ensure you choose unglazed options to avoid slippery accidents. Faux rock or ceramic are good choices for practicality, as well as rubber pavers that can easily be placed over your current flooring. 

    What you need to consider:

    • Can you waterproof your outdoor flooring? 

    Interlocking plastic deck tiles are fantastic for protection purposes and serve to prevent slippery situations in rainy weather. They are also useful for waterproofing your area if the existing flooring serves more form over function. 

    • Can you get wooden flooring outside? 

    If you already have wooden floors in your home, it’s a beautiful concept to continue the theme outside. There are faux wooden tiles that don’t compromise on style, while providing durability in porcelain materials.

    • How do you make your concrete floors more attractive? 

    You can add strategically placed outdoor rugs, paint patterns directly onto the concrete or add rounded edges with pavers. The options are endless with this traditional, yet convenient flooring. 

    5. Let your creativity peek through

    There’s nothing better than adding a touch of unexpected individuality to your outside space. You can make a statement with art pieces built for the outdoors. Think about an eclectic collection of vintage watering cans, a display of dried flowers in a glass frame or a bespoke bench that your guests can graffiti memories on for a personal touch. This goes a long way in sparking an attractive focal point that makes your outdoor space stand out in everyone’s mind. 

    What you need to consider:

    • How can you create some privacy in an outdoor space? 

    Never underestimate the power of a lattice board divider covered in vines for a statement piece that works as a screen for private gatherings or as a creative way to shield from the sun.

    • Does a water feature make much of a difference? 

    Apart from disguising the sounds of the city or suburbia, a gentle burbling introduces serenity and design all in one to your outdoor space. 

    • Can you build your own fire pit? 

    The simple answer is yes. As long as you own the property and aren’t violating any body corporate rules, you can DIY your outdoor space to include a number of your favourite fixtures. 

    family gathering on patio

    Having a wonderful outdoor space is also a major drawcard when it comes to listing your property on the market. Seeff has a range of tips and tricks to make your home stand out from the competition. Contact one of our expert property practitioners today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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