How technology is changing the real estate market

    Whether you are selling a house or buying one, technology is changing the real estate market for homeowners and real estate agents.

    From smart homes to self-driving cars, technology is continuously evolving and changing how we live and do things. In the world of property, the real estate industry is also powered by technology.

    If you are thinking of selling a house, Seeff shares 4 ways that technology is changing the real estate market.

    View A Property From Your Real Estate Agent’s Officecouple and real estate agent looking at laptop

    Looking for a property is tiring and at times you will have to travel to different property showings. Fortunately, technology provides an easier way.

    • Virtual reality is changing the way real estate agents do house tours. Specialised software and viewing apparatus allow potential buyers to “walk” through houses from a remote location. This technology is saving time, money, and effort. In a time of COVID, it is also a safer option compared to physical viewings.

    A Digital Property Application Process: Secure a virtual Property Valuation.

    There is a lot of paperwork involved when you’re buying a house, and the rush of collecting documents and filling in physical forms can be frustrating. Fortunately, technology makes the process a bit easier.
    • Many real estate agencies and their real estate agents have transitioned to digitised application processes. It’s convenient, efficient, and trackable every step of the way. With Seeff, you can even secure a virtual property valuation.

    Easy To Research Your Potential Real Estate Agent

    Phoning around to check references of the real estate agent who you’d like to sell your property can be a time-consuming process. It can also be inconvenient for those who work during the day or simply don’t prefer communicating over the phone. Thus, why not use technology to do your research?
    • Accessing reviews online reduces the number of calls you need to make, and it gives you a good idea of a real estate agent’s customer service track record.

    real estate agent giving new property keys to couple

    Utilise Technology And Find Your Dream Property With Seeff

    Technology is changing the real estate market and real estate agents and property owners have an opportunity to welcome those changes. If you plan on selling your home, or buying a new property, contact Seeff and we will guide you through the process.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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