What to expect before approaching a property practitioner

    Keep The Following In Mind When Choosing A Property Practitioner

    Sell your home and enjoy a tremendous real estate customer experience with Seeff. We advise on what to keep in mind when you're choosing a property practitioner.

    You knew, didn’t you? The moment that property practitioner shook your hand or greeted you (or didn’t), you knew if it was a good fit or not. Did you consider if this was the person you wanted to walk you through the process of selling your house: the payment negotiations, filling in forms, the multiple home showings.

    Whether you're selling or buying a house, you deserve a fantastic real estate customer experience. That will depend on your agent, so consider the following when choosing a property practitioner.

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    1: Transparency

    A great customer experience must include transparency. It’s fundamental to any relationship, whether between friends, family, or co-workers. 

    • Your property practitioner should be honest. They shouldn’t sugar-coat the facts nor make false promises. Do they acknowledge the dampness in your bathroom walls or the current decline in property sales, or do they gloss over these points and charm you into only focusing on the positives? Do they twist your concerns, so they suddenly seem irrelevant?

    • A real estate agent doesn't need to be all doom and gloom, but you should be skeptical if their only agenda is to get their commission and make you {temporarily} happy.  

    But when you partner with a transparent and trustworthy property practitioner, you also avoid future problems that might arise from your agent ignoring home flaws or misleading you. 

    2: Relationship Building

    Selling a house doesn’t need to be strictly business. How much easier would the process be if your real estate agent had your best interests at heart and you understood each other?

    • If you want to improve your experience as a customer, look for someone who takes the time to learn about you, about your house, even greets your kids while inspecting your home.

    • Someone who listens when you talk about the different aspects of your home, its imperfections, its history, etcetera. Someone who wants to understand the whole picture. Someone available when you have questions and who communicates well. 

    A property practitioner who goes the extra mile, who’s kind and engaging without compromising professionalism - that’s the dream for any seller.

    3: Track Record Of Success

    “Successful agents tend to be those who have been doing the job for 6-7 years and more,” says Graham White, managing director for Seeff North Coast

    Property practitioners who've worked in this job for years have built up expertise as they've watched the property market change and learnt to adapt to these changes. This gives them insights and hands-on knowledge that you can access if you choose them.

    Consider the following when choosing a property practitioner: 

    Have you seen their Sold boards around your neighbourhood? Have they been highly recommended online or by someone you know? Do they operate specifically in your area? Because according to Seeff’s data, area agents sell more than 90% of sole mandate properties.  

    4: Understanding Of Trends And Buyer Behaviours 

    Your real estate agent should understand property market trends and buyers’ behaviours. Then they’ll inspect your house through that lens and help you to market it successfully. 

    • Choose a property agent who sees the potential in your home and can recommend alterations that'll reflect the trends, buyer behaviours and subsequently boosts your home value.
    • For example, many people today are working from home. Is there a space in your house that could function as a home office? Or, as many buyers are seeking a sustainable lifestyle, can your home be renovated to cater to this? For example, you might install solar panels. 

    Based on their understanding of trends and buyer behaviours, your property agent will know if you’re likely to receive your asking price and be able to recommend what you can do to increase the appeal of your house. 

    When you pick a property practitioner who is transparent, who goes the extra mile, and who is an expert in the world of real estate, the experience of selling your home is infinitely more accessible and more enjoyable.

    Find a property practitioner with Seeff, or visit our blog for more property guidance.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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