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    With property sales and rentals continuing to grow in popularity, Seeff helps you to tick all the boxes when preparing your house for a viewing.

    Whether you are looking to sell or make your home available for rent, you have decided to start this process. However, just because you have made up your mind does not mean that your home is ready to welcome potential tenants and buyers. 

    We listed some house showing checklist items when preparing your home for a viewing, from background music, spot cleaning to keeping your valuables safe.

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    1: Spot Cleaning

    When preparing your home for a viewing, the first order of business is a thorough spot cleaning of the entire house. Be diligent and ensure it is clean, fresh and ready to host potential renters or buyers on the viewing day.

    If you are unsure of what the best cleaning products are to use when spot cleaning your home, not to worry, we have you covered, and your home will be well on its way to being spick and span and ready for your home viewing.

    kitchen view

    2: Kitchen Appliance Prep

    Once the exterior of your home is sufficiently clean, the next item on our house showing checklist is your kitchen appliance interiors. Potential buyers and renters that come to view your home will open the pantry, fridge and other kitchen appliances to gauge the storage space and visualise how their cookware and food items might fit inside them.

    From general cleaning and decluttering to upgrading and replacing, knowing how to stage your kitchen appliances in preparing for a house viewing is critical. If left unchecked, it could significantly impact the interest of those looking to rent or purchase your home.


    3: Hide Your Valuables

    After cleaning your home, the next item on our house showing checklist is of utter importance: hiding your valuables. While it is an unlikely event that anyone viewing your home could get caught stealing anything, it is not entirely out of the question, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

    While there are ways to protect your valuables during an open house and mitigate any opportunity for your valuables to get stolen, the most efficient solution is to remove them entirely before welcoming potential tenants and buyers into your home.

    cat climbing out of litter box

    4: Pet Procedure

    With your home cleaned and your valuables hidden away or removed. You can now prepare for the following, pet procedure and is essential for keeping your home clean and fresh for potential buyers as they make their way through your home.

    From hiding litter boxes and making sure the garden is in good condition, there are many tips for selling and showing your home when you have pets, and since you should not be present during the viewing of your home, there is no better time to take your fur baby out for a walk or let them play outside.

    entertainment room

    5: Background Music

    Background music sets the ambience and tone of your home, hence why it is the final item on our house showing checklist. Before you leave and allow potential renters and buyers into your home, set the right mood by putting on background music.

    Deciding on the best playlist for your guests during a viewing can be difficult. Still, it is always best to balance relaxing and upbeat to keep potential renters and buyers comfortable but on the move.

    agent showing a house to potential buyers

    Ensure all your boxes get ticked with Seeff and that your home is well prepared for hosting a successful house viewing.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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