Choosing the best swimming pool design

    Summer in South Africa means everyone is feeling the heat! With the festive season around the corner, we look at the best swimming pool designs to make your home the coolest place to be.

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    How do you choose the right pool for your house?

    The most important thing to consider before you decide on what pool is best suited for your home is settling on what you want to get out of its use. Do you want a design more suited to practicality? How about a pool that doubles as a water feature? Have the best of both water worlds by being realistic about the dimensions of the space your pool will need and how well it can fit your family’s needs.

    The best swimming pool design will be the one that works with your lifestyle and home aesthetics. Consider the plumbing changes, lighting to be installed and symmetry of your layout before committing to a design. It’s important to remember that it's worth doing this properly, as a well-maintained swimming pool is sure to increase the value of your home.

    In-ground pools vs above-ground pools

    In-ground pools are more space efficient than above-ground pools and are a more permanent option. Your available space, in the long run, should be a deciding factor in which one you choose. Above-ground pools are easier to install, move around and maintain, not to mention more cost-effective. In-ground pools often use more expensive materials such as vinyl, concrete or fibreglass.

    The best materials for your pool project


    Recent times have seen a rise in the popularity of the vinyl pool structure. With limited shapes and sizes, this option requires a one-piece liner to be fitted into a hole and attached to a frame made of steel or aluminium. It is usually installed between one-to-three weeks.


    Concrete, the most durable of pool options, is also costly. Make sure you have enough budget to cover the expenses of having this option installed. The custom-made specifications mean that labour can often take one-to-three months to install.


    This is a simple pool option that requires some heavy lifting! Fibreglass pools are made up of a shell moulded in a factory. The one thing you’ll need to ensure you have is enough space for an excavator to dig the hole and place the shell inside. Once installation is underway, it can take as little as three days to complete and the finished look is glossy and durable.

    in ground swimming pool

    What is the most popular shape in-ground pool?

    To decide on the perfect swimming pool shape, you need to be clear on what the pool will be used for. If you will be swimming laps and using your pool for exercise, rectangle or square pools are the most common. If you have young children and need a separate shallow section for them, an L-shaped pool would be your best bet.

    Round, kidney and oval-shaped pools are usually better suited for recreational use and work better with additional water features. They fall under the category of freeform pools and are wonderful for backyards with a lot of trees or irregular-shaped spaces. 

    Landscaping the area surrounding your pool

    The area that offsets your pool design is integral to the feel you want to create. Are you going for a luxurious, minimalistic theme or a family-friendly, laid-back approach? Take into account how often you will be entertaining. It’s likely you will be hosting braais and pool parties during the summer months and you will discover you need a whole host of furnishings to go with your new pool. Deck chairs, cushion covers, and maybe even a poolhouse are on the cards for those who want to go all out.

    Jump in and have a great swim!

    Follow these useful tips in order to have a successful installation of the best pool in the neighbourhood. Speaking of the neighbourhood, Seeff has a range of properties in well-loved areas for your viewing pleasure. Contact a trusted property practitioner today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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