6 Mistakes to avoid if you want a successful property sale

    Avoid these mistakes and make a successful property sale with Seeff

    The state of the real estate market might explain why your property is not selling, but there could be other reasons too. In a seller’s market, buyers will overlook some things, but in a buyer’s market (where there are fewer buyers and more property listings) buyers will be more critical and selective. That is why home improvement is important if you want to secure a property sale.

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    1: Don’t Overprice Your Property If You Want A Property Sale 

    When selling a house, you do not want the property to sit in the market for months. If your property stays in the market the listing will eventually become stale and the property sale may never happen. Even if you do find a potential buyer who is willing to overpay, they may struggle to find a bank to give them a home loan on an overpriced property (unless they are paying with cash).

    • Start with a fair market price and negotiate from there. There is nothing worse than listing your home at the upper end of the price scale, only to receive a few offers (if any). Don’t make it difficult to sell your house - price it correctly from the beginning. This will will more likely secure that property sale.

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    2: Don’t Ignore Your Agent’s Advice If You Want A Property Sale

    If your real estate agent recommends you mend a broken window, or paint a wall, or fix those bathroom taps, then take their advice. If they suggest you lower your asking price as it’s not realistic in the current real estate climate, then take their advice. 

    First impressions count, always. When you are selling a house, you don’t want to present it in a state of disrepair. Even if a buyer overlooks some of the disrepair, they might want to knock off a portion of your asking price. 

    • Keep your home maintained, neutral, and don’t focus on your personal taste. Take your agent’s advice when it comes to home improvement or price. Taking your agents guidance will pay off in a successful property sale.

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    3: Don’t Forget To Stage Your Home If You Want A Property Sale 

    Photographs are a vital selling tool in the property market and it’s important to stage your home to achieve the best results. The internet and technology have made it easy to showcase your full house including an aerial view of the home and neighbourhood. 

    • Remove all personal items and de-clutter your home. This is often an underlooked aspect of home improvement. 
    • Ensure that the walls are painted or thoroughly washed and that your home is clean and tidy. The same goes for the outdoor garden areas as well. Remember, a picture tells a thousand words. That picture could make or break your property sale.  


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    4: Don’t Make Showings Difficult If You Want A Property Sale 

    Buyers usually view more than one home and if you are not willing to accommodate them, they will quickly lose interest. Another important note to mention is that homeowners should not be around during a showing as it can make potential buyers feel uncomfortable. 

    “Strike while the iron is hot” is especially true when it comes to securing a property sale. If potential buyers are in front of your house and call the agent asking to view it. Grab your pet and leave. It could result in a property sale that very afternoon.


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    5: Don’t Leave Your Pets Inside If You Want A Property Sale 

    Nothing is more off-putting than unruly pets, especially for people who do not like animals. Even pet lovers will find it distracting when they come to view your home and they are distracted by dogs or cats. Entering a property where a dog is barking is distressing for both the animal and the visitors.

    • Always remove your pets during showings. Pet odors are as off-putting as a dog barking. Ensure that your home is free of pet odors and hairs. Some people are also afraid of dogs, while others are allergic to cats. Be mindful of this if you want to encourage a property sale. 

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    6: Don’t Disguise Problem Areas If You Want A Property Sale 

    Don’t cut corners when preparing your home for a property sale. A buyer will quickly spot bubbly paint and realise that it’s hiding the underlying problem of mould. Rather, have the problem area repaired properly before painting it. 

    • Fix all broken windows or doors; don’t hide them with strategically draped curtains. It’s always worth spending the time and money on home improvement. 
    • Disclose any structural issues to your real estate agent and buyers. Buyers tend to be suspicious when they spot cover-ups. The slightest cover-up could potentially raise suspicion that there might be something else wrong with the house. Don’t give them a reason to knock down your price - you could lose a property sale.  

    Avoid These 6 Mistakes And Acquire A Successful Property Sale With Seeff

    Whether you are selling a house or planning to buy, visit Seeff’s Home Story blog for more property and home improvement tips. 

    Consult today to get closer towards securing that property sale.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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