5 Ideas to create a magazine cover-worthy house

    Create a magazine cover-worthy house with these tips from Seeff 

    When a magazine chooses to feature your beautiful home on its cover, it serves as an acknowledgement of your hard work and a memory for years to come. Featuring in a magazine can also increase the value of your house if you ever decide to sell it.

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    To create a magazine cover-worthy house, here are five ideas from Seeff.

    designer kitchen

    Idea 1: Designer Kitchen

    A designer kitchen has it all: customisation, versatility, and performance. So if you wish to create a magazine cover-worthy designer kitchen, here are three ideas:  

    • Clean and declutter. Clear the countertops of any unnecessary items. Keep appliances out of sight. Decorate thoughtfully - a vase of flowers is a better choice than a pile of tea towels. 

    • Incorporate design trends. The sink skirt (a pleated curtain replacing cupboard doors beneath your sink) is back, and so are dark surfaces and wood and gold finishes. In terms of more prominent design elements, modernise your kitchen island with granite or marble, or revive your old pantry with an on-trend colour palette. 

    • Consider colour trends. Biophilia is an interior design trend that is only becoming more popular; that’s why you can never go wrong with green. From apple to olive to mint, this versatile colour can evoke feelings of refreshment and renewal whether seen on cabinets, walls, or appliances.

    ceiling lighting

    Idea 2: Good Lighting. 

    Flaunt the beauty of your home with good lighting. You need to illuminate your home if you want it on a magazine cover. 

    • DIY if you want to create unique and budget-friendly lighting. One option is to buy a light bulb (or a few) and choose anything from an upside-down paint can (which you can decorate) to a tree branch (which you can paint) from which to hang the light bulbs and attach to the ceiling. 

    From home-made pendant lamps to book lampshades, there are plenty of imaginative DIY lighting designs to inspire you. 

    Get creative with lighting, as light fixtures are available in a variety of styles. Pendant lighting is an on-trend option for the modern home, recessed lighting is ideal for office space, and lamps can suit any aesthetic - depending on their colour and structure.  

    teal wall paneling in bedroom

    Idea 3: Wall Panelling. 

    Add depth and interest to your room with wall panelling. Whether you decide to DIY or reach out to a professional, there’s a lot you can do with wall panelling:

    • On-trend wall panelling styles include beadboard (popular in hallways and bathrooms), board and batten (popular in bedrooms), and slat panels (often seen in contemporary bathrooms). 

    • You can paint your wall panelling if you don’t love the wood look. White gives a fresh, cute cottage feel, while black or another deep, rich colour adds drama.  

    • Wall panelling doesn’t need to be on every wall in your house. Use it sparingly to create a statement, whether above the kitchen sink or behind an open bookcase.

    white window frames

    Idea 4: Window Frames.

    If you’re fortunate enough to have big windows that offer plenty of natural light, you might want to spend time improving the window frames to optimise that aspect of your home.  

    • Use window frames to create a statement piece in your house. Paint them in a vibrant colour (such as orange) to contrast with your wall colour, and you draw people’s attention to your windows. 

    • Don’t forget about your home’s exterior. You can paint the exterior of your window frames in a bold colour (such as teal) to catch the eye of passers-by. If you don’t wish to draw attention to your home, cool grey is a smart colour choice: understated yet charming.

    • Repurpose old window frames throughout your home. For example, create a gallery wall with window frames, or suspend a window frame from the ceiling and hang lights or
      cooking utensils from it.

    pink and mint green living room

    Idea 5: Personality In Your House Interior

    A house on the cover of a magazine won’t make an impression if it’s devoid of colour and character. So, here are two ways you can bring personality into your house:

    • Decorate. Incorporate accessories such as candles, cushions, throws, and sentimental items such as family photos. 

    • Colour. 2021 colour trends are all about bold, rich jewel tones, so bring those into your furniture and accessories. Use colour to create a statement piece, for example, bright yellow chairs (an on-trend choice, as Illuminating is Pantone’s 2021 Colour of the Year)

    Visit Seeff’s Home Story blog for more interior design inspiration.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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