What you can do before selling your home

    Selling your home is no small feat, however there are ways to make the process smoother
    and easier and the experience one worth remembering.

    The last thing you want to end up with is a property standing in the market for months on end with no potential buyers. It is important to get a professional property valuation done to determine the exact value of your home. By using specialist valuators, it will take the
    guess work out of the equation and ensure you get the best-selling price for your property. By knowing the value of your home, you can price it accordingly and chances are if you
    overprice your home it either won’t sell or it will take much longer to sell than what it should do. Remember, with the currently landscape buyers are streetwise and know immediately when a property is overpriced.

    The second important factor is appointing a reputable and knowledgeable estate agent that
    can assist with the selling of your home. Do research on your local agents and make sure you partner with an agency that thoroughly knows the local market with a proven track record.

    Even with many misconceptions around awarding sole mandates, this ensures your property is given exclusive market positioning. Often a sole agent will often obtain a higher price because there is sufficient time to negotiate without being concerned about a competing
    agent’s offer. Also take into account when you grant a sole mandate more energy, advertising expenditure and time is also invested into the marketing of your property.

    Another note to make is to disclose all the patent defects in your home to the agent and potential buyers.

    If you’re thinking of making any renovations, it is important to first communicate with the agent. Renovations can be time consuming and more expensive than you think and sometimes it is simply better to negotiate the selling price with the buyer and then leave it up to them to undertake any renovating and/or upsizing.

    Take show days into consideration as this gives potential buyers the opportunity to view your property at their pace. During show days make sure your home is neat and cosy by decluttering, tidying up the garden and creating an inviting environment.

    You’re not done just yet, ensure your compliance certificates are up to date – buyers require this to know that everything is in order with your home.

    With a 43% local market share, our sole mandates being sold with 6 weeks and achieving a 97% of asking price, Seeff Richards Bay is ready to assist clients with selling their properties, to move on and move up.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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