What turns your House into a Home?

    With the country in its third lockdown in more than a year it has changed the definition of what turns a house into a home. 

    Earlier this year Seeff Gordon’s Bay asked its community to share their definition of what exactly makes their house a home and it turns out the difference is quite simple….

    A House is a physical thing, a building, the central point in our lives that we come and go from and provides us with our basic physical need for shelter.

    A Home is a place that many of us yearn for, that place that gives us that feeling of safety, belonging, and identity. Home is the place that we love to be, surrounded by the ones we love and the things in this world that give our lives meaning and joy.

    We may travel the world, however not every house gets the honour of being a Home. This is why when the day comes and we need to sell that Home and move to a new house we feel so very emotional and we feel the loss deeply and for many of us this loss became reality over the last year.

    For the lucky ones this time has given us the opportunity or gift to turn our houses into Homes, to spend time with our families, creating new memories or providing the space for us to create, be productive or maybe even fall in love with someone all over again.

    The answers they received was quite surprising, as it turns out that a home was never the four walls, it is something we carry within us, a love for family or a community and at the end of it all, we as Homeowners create that Home, it is one of the things that define us as human beings, coming to the reality that we may lose everything, however they can never take home away from us, after all Elvis told us Home is where the heart is…. 

    This is what one resident of Gordons Bay had to say:

    What makes your House a Home?
    Eight years ago we come to Gordons Bay
    And with Seeff’s help we found this cute place to stay
    So when does a house become a home
    When you fill it with people who won’t live alone
    Once you settle in this place
    You cannot help but feel the area and peoples warm embrace
    And on those days it feels like Old South Easter will blow you away
    You know that in your heart the perfect day is on its way
    And on that perfect day we invite our Friends to come and stay
    For nowhere could they find a more spectacular area or day
    With the mountains towering high and the ocean close nearby
    You know that they will never want to say goodbye
    In closing this tribute, I must just say
    Stop looking at other places to stay
    Come join us here in super Gordons Bay
    Once here, you will not want to go away


    Author: Seeff Property Group
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