What property buyers should look for when buying their first home

    Are you a first-time property buyer ready to explore houses for sale in Cape Town?

    Being a property buyer and buying your first home is an exciting, yet daunting process. With Seeff you will understand what to look for when buying your first home.


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    3 Key Things To Consider For First Time Property Buyers

    First Time Property Buyers Tip 1: Get Your Mortgage Pre-Approved

    When buying your first home you will need to be pre-qualified, this makes familiarising yourself with the pre-qualification process an essential step towards purchasing a property. Once completed, the bank will issue you with a pre-qualification certificate which will confirm the amount you qualify for and how much the bank is willing to lend you. At Seeff we recommend obtaining home finance through Ooba a leading South African home loan service.

    First Time Property Buyers Tip 2: Research The Area When Buying Your First Home

    As a first time property buyer buying your first home it is important to research the locations you have your eye on. Are you looking to move within the trendy city centre, within the suburbs or closer to the sea? Ask around the neighbourhood. If you are looking for an area that is quiet, ask around. Some neighbourhoods are quite accommodating and offer different WhatsApp groups where they share information should anything out of the ordinary appear.  

    It is also wise to allot time for adequate research before you buy your first home. Research the agent who you are confident will be the right person to guide towards this decision If you are a young couple thinking of starting a family, we recommend doing some research on the most suitable area to raise a family. You are investing in this residential property and it is important that it is near ideal schools, public transport, and that the home itself is the best place for you. You will be putting in a lot of time and energy into making this place your own. The closer you are to making it your dream home, the easier the process will be.  

    First Time Property Buyers Tip 3: When Buying Your First Home Find A Trustworthy Real Estate Agent

    Great assistance is imperative when selecting the right real estate agent. There are however a paramount documents that a real estate agent needs to possess before they lead you through the process when buying your first home:

    • Check if your agent is qualified
    • Your agent must be registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB)
    • Ask how long your agent has worked in the area you are interested in. It is important that you are working with an area specialist. 
    • Select an agent with whom you can form a good working relationship with and how well they know the housing market.

    First Time Property Buyers Tip 4: Do A Property Inspection

    You have the right to do a property inspection. Have a careful look around the home, looking out for any leaks, dampness, bugs. The seller is responsible for any property damage for three years after they have been made aware of. Once a property report has been drawn up, the seller will receive the report and you will be able to make the decision whether or not you want the damages to be repaired. 

    What Property Buyers Should Look For When Buying Their First Home

    Buying a residential property is a commitment you can’t take lightly. It can be overwhelming, however, with so many houses on offer and the pressure on you to make the right choice for your family’s future. Here are some things to look for when you’re buying your first home. 

    • A spacious garden
      Sprawling lawns and a spacious garden should be a priority if you have pets. Planning a future with kids means that there will be enough space for a jungle gym and to get them to play in the great outdoors.
      Tech-friendly design
      For tech-savvy home buyers, simple technological features such as being able to buzz someone inside remotely, or a charging outlet for USBs, are attractive and useful.
      Convenient location
      A house that’s close to good schools, recreational areas, public transport, and in a safe neighbourhood are all crucial aspects to consider when buying a home for your family. 
    • Home with 3+ bedrooms
      In the future, you might want to grow your family, in which case you’ll need a few extra rooms. 


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    Top 5 Most Popular Suburbs in Cape Town For Millennial First-Time Property Buyers

    • Durbanville Central

    • Blouberg, Big Bay

    • Oranjezicht, Cape Town

    • Parow, Western Cape

    • Woodstock, Cape Town

    As a first-time property buyer buying your first home, the process should be made as easy as possible. With Seeff, we guarantee professional advice and guidance for new homeowners.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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