What It Means To Be A Rental Agent With Seeff

    Considering a career in property? You might be a great fit for our rental division.

    As a rental agent, you’d enjoy flexible working hours, recurring and dependable earnings, the people and of course, the beautiful homes. 

    But what does being a rental agent entail, and what makes Seeff so special? Let’s jump in.

    4 reasons to consider a career as a rental agent

    1. You can ramp up fast

    If you’re looking to switch careers, becoming a rental agent is a less time-consuming process than studying for a 3 or 4-year degree. This doesn’t mean that it’s an easy choice, but simply that there are accessible educational opportunities people of varied backgrounds can use to their advantage. At Seeff, we have our own training academy and graduate school to equip those with the hunger to succeed, and to help get you ramped up, fast.
    2.You determine your income
    You’re not limited to how much you can earn hourly, or even to a particular salary group. Since your career is essentially in your hands, those willing to put in the work and put clients first can see success quickly. Developing a reputation as a trusted ally for property owners and a great and friendly agent for those looking for homes is a sure-fire way to get some good repeat income on the books.
    3. It’s never boring
    Take it from our rentals team who say that each day is different. If you’re put off by too much repetition and routine, the excitement of new clients and new people, new properties and new challenges will keep this career spicy for you.
    4. You become a trusted expert

    As Ross Levine, MD of Seeff Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl says, “At the end of the day, we give our clients advice. Which means they have to be able to trust us. So everything comes down to making sure we can be the best trusted resource they have.” Real estate agents whether in sales or rentals take great pride in being experts, and subsequently, teachers.

    So what characteristics should Rental Agents have?

    If you’re a people person, who has the patience to deal with the nitty gritty side of property management, and the ability to work under pressure, this is the career path for you. Ross adds, “Authenticity is one word that I think encapsulates what it takes to be successful as an agent with Seeff.”

    When you’re a rental agent you sometimes become part counselor, part life coach. That can be very rewarding for professionals who have a passion for people. It also means you need to be able to keep your cool, and have the communication skills necessary to negotiate your way through the inevitable challenges that go along with humans and properties.

    The Benefits of Working With Seeff

    Alright, so you might be sold on becoming a rentals agent, but what makes Seeff the best one out there?

    A couple of things to consider:

    Our Maintenance Division takes care of the dirty work

    There will be fixes needed, niggles attended to, leaky pipes and paint jobs. But when you work with Seeff, you work with a hands-on maintenance division who take care of all of the tiny details, leaving you free to focus on your clients.

    Our rentals team is growing, fast, and there’s scope to grow with it

    Seeff Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl’s rental division is the largest under the Seeff banner and it’s growing fast. If you’re eager to join a tight-knit group who loves to make waves while having fun, this is the family for you.

    The support is unparalleled 

    When you work with Seeff, not only do you get the admin support and upskilling you need to thrive, but you also get access to a marketing team who make advertising your rental properties a breeze. 

    Want to know more about a career path as a rental agent with Seeff? We’re looking for dynamic people to join our team. Email your CV or any questions to jessica.marais@seeff.com

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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