The Umhlanga Women’s Association makes a meaningful impact in the community

    Umhlanga, also known as Umhlanga Rocks, is better known to the locals as ’the village.’ Renowned for its beautiful coastline, many South Africans consider it a perfect destination for their summer holidays, but there is a community of people who call it home.

    Like all homes, there is always more to it than what meets the eye. When we look a little closer at the ‘village’ of Umhlanga, we see a vibrant community standing together and making a difference.

    There are many fantastic community development programs in the Umhlanga area, one that stands out is the Umhlanga Women’s Association (UWA). This Non-Profit Organisation is driven by a collective vision. And it makes a meaningful impact while catering to the needs of the underprivileged in the Umhlanga area.

    Basic principles of community, sharing, and growth founded the UWA. The members of the UWA are a group of women, who are from diverse backgrounds and cultures. In the UWA women empower each other and other women by countering negativity, fostering openness and honesty, and guiding and mentoring them. In the business environment, women can network and empower themselves, and serve in the greater community. In so doing, they are a valuable part of enhancing the well-being of others in the community around them. 

    How the Umhlanga Women’s Association began

    So many wonderful enterprises were born in South Africa during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the UWA is one of the initiatives born out of compassion. A group of Umhlanga women came together to cook and provide meals for the local CPF and for those in need. They began to realise that there were many families that were being affected by the pandemic. They then initiated deliveries of groceries and essential supplies to the less fortunate.

    Through seeing the benefits and positive impact on the vulnerable in the Umhlanga community the decision was forged to formalise the organisation and to make a positive difference on the lives of others. Hence the UWA was born.


    The UWA has eight committees. Community Outreach, Women 4 Women, Health & Wellness, Women in Business, Events, Technology and Communication, Skills and Training, and Youth. There is also a GBV (Gender-Based Violence) campaign which helps to raise awareness, provide support, and drive lasting change.

    The Umhlanga Women’s Association aims to create a safer and more inclusive community. Through these campaigns they empower women and play a role in eradicating violence in the surrounding communities. They offer a helping hand to the less fortunate in the surrounding rural communities of Phoenix, Tongaat and Verulam.

    The collective mission of the Umhlanga Women’s Association is to ‘Serve, Empower and Educate.’
    Through these initiatives they have various projects that uplift those in need. Through SERVE they distribute groceries and clothing into the communities. As well as offering counselling services and support where needed.

    Through the EMPOWER initiative the UWA is proactive in sustaining entrepreneurial business ventures. And, through EDUCATION they focus on training and skills enhancement. Facilitating jobs where possible. 

    Umhlanga Womens Association 2


    The Umhlanga Women’s Association hosts many events during the year. For more information and to lend a hand one can visit their website. They have enjoyed many successful events within the Umhlanga community, these include Mandela Day and Women’s Day. These events showcase the heart behind their ongoing initiatives. 

    One can email them on to find out more about their projects. They encourage the community to join their cause and become members. Members enjoy access to webinars, community initiatives, business initiatives and their business resources.

    To become part of the fabulous Umhlanga community and make your home, or invest, on the sunny coastline of KwaZulu Natal - visit ‘the village’.

    Author: Seeff Umhlanga
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