Seeff Umhlanga Supports Local Beach Clean-Up After Floods

    Seeff Umhlanga lends a helping hand as the community of Umhlanga Rocks picks up the pieces after catastrophic floods.

    The community of Umhlanga Rocks in Kwa-Zulu Natal faces untold hardship following the recent destructive floods that caused untold devastation to the once-beautiful local beaches. 

    The flooding pushed copious amounts of plastic debris and vegetation and uprooted trees onto the beach, causing severe damage and pollution. This chain of events has left the local community with the daunting task of clearing away all the rubble and decay. 

    However, fortune smiles on the Umhlanga Rocks community as the Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) has come to their aid alongside many local businesses to help restore the ruined beaches to their former glory.

    UIP Spearheads Umhlanga Beach Clean-Up Operation

    The UIP is a joint initiative established by Umhlanga Rocks property owners and the eThekwini Municipality to improve and maintain the surrounding environment and infrastructure. 

    The UIP wants to support local businesses and build investor confidence, ultimately boosting the quality of life for all those residing in the Umhlanga Rocks area. 

    UIP was influential in spearheading the Umhlanga Beach Community Clean-Up operation; they received support in this effort from the eThekwini Municipality, the Umhlanga Rocks community and many of the local businesses. 

    These businesses include Seeff Umhlanga Rocks, Bellazar Restaurant, Cabana Beach Resort, Mexicola Restaurant, Umhlanga Rocks SuperSpar, and the Litterboom Project. 

    The initiative managed to remove around 18 tonnes of refuse from the beach with all the additional support.

    Seeff Umhlanga Brings Helping Hands to a Devastated Community

    umhlanga rocks beach clean-up operation

    Seeff is a family-oriented business built on solid values like integrity, excellence and family, with a passionate focus on helping others prosper. “Here at Seeff Umhlanga, we share a deep love for our community,” says Brett Botsis, Seeff Umhlanga Licensee, who put those words into action by heading down to the beach along with the Seeff Umhlanga team to provide full support to the clean-up initiative.

    We want to thank our Seeff Umhlanga team personally, you all rock, and we appreciate your sincere care and effort in preserving our beaches and the environment.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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