Seeff introduces Home2Home for the needy

    The Seeff Property Group has launched a unique social responsibility campaign

    This Campaign provides an opportunity to homeowners to donate their unwanted, but working and usable goods for distribution to the needy.

    This unique Home2Home programme is already well received in the communities that we serve, says Ted Frazer, National Marketing Manager for the group.

    Seeff identified a dual need when homeowners sell or buy or when tenants move. Firstly, says Mr Frazer, there is the need to declutter and clear out used clothes, home appliances, décor and other items. At the same time, local communities will be more than grateful for donations of used items in good condition.

    Home2Home aims to satisfy these needs while creating an ideal opportunity to redistribute unwanted or unused items to communities and homes across the country through this initiative.

    The process is simple.

    Contact your nearest Seeff branch to find out how you can contribute to this initiative. You can use your own boxes or bags for the discarded items or Seeff’s agents can provide you with Home2Home moving boxes. Please ensure all items are usable and in working condition.

    When you are ready, drop off your Seeff Home2Home boxes at your nearest Seeff offices or call the branch or agent to arrange collection.

    Seeff has created partnerships for redistribution of the items to local communities and homes in need through various charities and community partners and projects.

    With your consent, Seeff will acknowledge your valuable contribution to community upliftment by including your name on a dedicated page on our Seeff Properties national website.

    You can also keep paying this forward by spreading the word about your participation and the campaign in general, by posting your Home2Home activity on your social media platforms and tagging and following Seeff Properties on Facebook.

    All Seeff clients, past and present are invited to participate in our Home2Home campaign.

    Start now by contacting your Seeff agent to get your Seeff Home2Home donation boxes.


    Author: Gina Meintjes
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