An exciting new chapter: Seeff enters Dubai property market

    Seeff becomes the first real estate agency to establish offices in Dubai

    Are you feeling restless, ready to explore properties beyond South Africa’s borders? You’re not alone. Many South Africans are dazzled by a particular city’s property investment opportunities and fast-growing economy, which is Dubai. Our very own Ms Nombasa Mawela, the newly appointed head of Seeff Property Group's Dubai property office, can vouch for this exciting trend.

    Seeff has always been on the cusp of real estate trends and opportunities. Our property specialists have established Seeff branches across South Africa and beyond, stretching to Mauritius, Zambia, and Botswana. With its popularity among buyers and property investors, Dubai was the obvious next location for a Seeff office; Samuel Seeff, chairman of Seeff Property Group, quickly identified this opportunity for Seeff to help buyers start their stories in Dubai.

    “The prospect of expanding into Dubai is hugely exciting for Seeff Property Group and will enable the company to tap into the offshore property investment market there.” - Samuel Seeff.

    Nombasa echoes Seeff’s words. Not only is Dubai one of the safest cities worldwide and easily accessible, but its reputation as an ever-expanding business hub and an appealing destination for tourists and shoppers only adds to the city's charm, she affirms.  

    Nombasa Mawela, licensee for Seeff Dubai

    Find the Perfect Dubai Property With the Expertise of Nombasa Mawela 

    Ms Nombasa Mawela, renowned in the South African business world and a seasoned property expert, has been navigating the fast-paced Dubai property market for years. Thus, she offers buyers a wealth of expertise and local insight.

    “Property investments from buyers from the African continent are expanding and include countries such as Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya, and many South African expats who live in the city. Seeff looks forward to now growing the market out of South Africa substantially.” - Nombasa Mawela

    Since her time with Blue Chip organisations, Nombasa has steadily climbed the property ladder. Today, she represents the best developers and properties across the city. It’s not a surprise why; Nombasa's qualifications are as impressive as her career trajectory. She holds a BSc, MSc, and an MBA. Currently, she is working towards earning a DBA from the Swiss Business School in Dubai.

    Her relentless pursuit of excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2022, she was honoured among the Top Women in Dubai, a publication that applauds women making remarkable progress across various fields in the city. In addition, she sits on the board of SABCO (South African Business Council), UAE.

    A Guide to Dubai Property Prices

    Dubai property prices begin at around R2.3 million (AED 450,000). If you're eyeing residency in the UAE, with perks like owning a UAE bank account, you'd need an investment of roughly around R4 million (AED 750,000).

    To help you put that in perspective, Nombasa highlights that investing in a residence in UAE for the aforementioned amount is equivalent to purchasing a home in one of South Africa's upscale middle-class neighbourhoods. And the best part? Financial avenues are now readily accessible to make this investment possible.

    Recent shifts in regulations have made the UAE even more attractive for non-resident investors, as you can now secure a mortgage covering up to 75% of your property's purchase price. For those averse to the idea of a mortgage, developers are rolling out flexible payment schemes stretching up to five years.

    Nombasa emphasises that the return on investment in UAE's property market stands among the highest worldwide, making this a particularly enticing opportunity.

    • While the prices in Dubai might make you raise your eyebrows (like the beachfront villa in Palm Jumeirah that fetched just shy of R3 billion (AED 598 million) in 2022), rest assured, other options cater to the investment capacity of South African investors.

    • Dubai property ranges from chic apartments to opulent villas. Depending on location and amenities, a basic studio begins at around R2.3 million (AED 450,000), while a one-bedroom unit can be yours starting from around R4.5 million (AED 875,000). For those with a taste for grandeur, villas start from roughly R14.3 million (AED 2.8 million).

    • Popular investment locations include downtown Dubai, home to the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa - and a popular shopping and tourist area. It’s also central to most facilities.

    • Dubai Marina is renowned for its delightful blend of beautiful beaches and vibrant social life, while the Jumeirah Golf Estate is appealing due to its outdoor and children's play areas. Both locations are particularly popular with ex-pats. 

    Dubai property market

    Nombasa urges property investors to enlist the expertise of Seeff Dubai and engage with one of South Africa’s leading real estate agencies, an agency that carries nearly six decades of trust and recognition.

    Whether you’re seeking a beautiful new home or an exciting investment opportunity, let Nombasa and Seeff Dubai guide you every step of the way. You can find Seeff's Dubai office at Jumeirah Lake Towers, Office 2703, JBC4, Cluster N, and contact the office at +97148746556 or +971562440585.

    Reach out to Nombasa directly for expert assistance: or +971562440585. 

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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