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    Seeff Blouberg has passionately adopted the Seeff National Home2Home Campaign and has seen great success come from our participating parties.

    The campaign is a very exciting opportunity where we, together with our clients donate unwanted items to the less fortunate.

    Seeff established this campaign nationally across all of our branches with the goal of finding unused items that our new successful homeowners and tenants no longer need. We distribute them to the people that need them. The campaign has been a major success. There are a few requirements to participate, one being that these items are in working and usable condition.

    One of the benefits of giving back to the community is the positive impact it has within that community. Giving back allows you to connect to your community in a heartfelt charitable way.  Helping with the smallest tasks can make a big difference to the lives of people and organizations in need. Giving back works both ways, it can benefit you and your family as much as the cause you choose to help. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network and is a great way to feed your soul.

    Anyone can adopt the Home2Home Campaign as their CSI initiative and we have found it to be a great team building exercise.  It has provided us with the opportunity to renew our creativity, motivation, and vision in a way that helps those in less fortunate positions.

    There are many ways to get involved if you wish to help:

    • Follow Seeff Blouberg on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    • Sign up receive our monthly magazine/newsletter to keep up to date with the work we are doing.
    • Contact us if you wish to fill some Home2Home boxes and help with our initiative.

    Giving back helps connect us to others. Through the Home2Home Campaign we have been able to donate a number of boxes, filled with clients goodies to various charities.

    If you wish to get involved, follow us on our Facebook page to participate in this worthy cause.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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