Use the holidays to prepare for your next property move

    We are still in one of the best phases for property buyers and sellers with a low interest rate and favourable mortgage lending landscape.

    It is still a great time to buy property, so why not use the holidays to prepare for your next property move?

    Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group says with so much online, it is easy to browse and do your property shopping from the comfort of your home or holiday house. With a few clicks you can see the property, do a virtual walk-through and make direct contact with the agent to set up a viewing.

    If you are looking to sell, the upcoming holidays is a great time to get your property in order, do the maintenance work and so on. Whether selling or buying, you should use the time to get all your paperwork so that you are ready to go once you find the right property.


    Get your documents in order. Check up on where your title deed is. If your property is paid up, you should have it. If still bonded, it will be with the bank. Get your outstanding mortgage loan figure. Check if you owe any taxes to SARS as this will be settled from any proceeds of your property sale.

    Get a virtual valuation done and sign a mandate. Contact Seeff for a virtual valuation and discuss an appropriate listing price for the current market conditions. Sign a mandate to ensure your property can be listed to take advantage of the favourable buying conditions.

    Do a house check for required repairs and do the necessary maintenance and repairs while you are on leave. Regrout your bathroom tiles and fix or replace broken tiles. Check that all taps are working and not leaking. Replace light bulbs and check that all plug points work. Touch up woodwork. Ensure door handles and window latches and cupboard hinges and handles are in working order.

    Clear up the clutter by going through every room and cupboard and clearing out all unwanted items. Contact us about the Seeff Home2Home Campaign where we provide you with boxes for unwanted items which are in a working and usable condition. These items are then donated to people in need.

    Do a deep clean, inside and outside. Repaint if you can, alternatively ensure walls, ceilings and light fittings are cleaned. Steam clean carpets and floors. The kitchen and bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned. Spruce up the garden and ensure garaging and storage areas are tidied and cleaned.


    Get your documents in order. You will need proof of employment, three months bank statements, identity document/s and a copy of your marriage certificate. Collate the latest versions into a folder for ease of use.

    Check your mortgage eligibility. Take advantage of the low interest rate and check how much you qualify for. Speak to your Seeff agent if you have your eye on a Seeff listing and we will put you in contact with our mortgage originator so that you can do a pre-approval.

    Research listings. Start by looking at or the property portals for a range of properties on the market. Contact the respective agent for more information or to discuss an offer. If you see something you like, you do not have to wait until the end of the holiday season, you can put in an Offer to Purchase at any time.

    Author: Gina Meintjes
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