Hermanus Hosts First IBC Bodyboarding World Tour Event in Africa

    Seeff Hermanus is a proud partner in the IBC’s Walker Bay Pro 2022, held from the 19th of August till the 28th of August 2022. This is the first IBC Bodyboarding world tour to take place in African waters, which is happening right now in our picturesque Onrus, on the outskirts of Hermanus.

    The International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) is a non-profit organisation (officially registered since February 2020), vested in developing the sport for all riders, across all levels, clubs and schools. The IBC is empowering places all over the world to grow the sport and creating social upliftment through a passion for bodyboarding and the opportunities that follow. Over the last six years, they have developed the sport in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Portugal, Spain and the Canary Islands.

    South Africa is next, showcasing some serious bodyboarding talent with five World Champions, including our very own home-grown Tristan Roberts who won the world title at the 2019 Association of Professional Bodyboarding World Tour in Gran Canaria. He became the first bodyboarder in the sport’s history to win both the Junior World Title (2014) and the Men’s World Championship.

    Deon Meyer, the Walker Bay Pro event organiser, gave a very heart-warming welcome at the opening ceremony that took place on 18 August at Milk on the Beach restaurant in Onrus. “This is what it feels like when dreams come true...it's for you guys, it's for the athletes, it's for the sport that has given me so much in my life. This is for the sport and the greater good and benefit of the community, bringing this to Onrus. This little stretch of beach makes World Champions!” He thanked the sponsors and Suzanne Ackerman who has been a great support for this initiative. Charity drives include donations to the Soraya Mount Pleasant Soup Kitchen which feeds 150 kids a day.

    Tristan Roberts - local and world chamipon

    What’s so special about this year’s event location? Not only are Walker Bay’s beaches pristine, but the quality of life also begs a return or three, and even semigration for many. Hermanus is popular for its coastline and sweeping landscapes that offer infinite opportunities to experience the great outdoors.

    The town is a whale-watching hotspot, voted as one of the best land-based whale-watching destinations in the world. View these remarkable animals from stretches of coastal Hermanus Cliff Paths, from Voëlklip into town, and from restaurants and many picturesque spots along the way. Gearing’s Point is a firm favourite, which is dotted with incredible sculptures that add to the already astounding sights.

    Alternatively, take a whale-watching cruise with Southern Right Charters and experience these magnificent creatures up close and personal. Southern Right Charters has grown an industry-wide and worldwide reputation as a leading operator within South Africa. Their permit allows them to approach whales up to 50 m, and whales being curious creatures often come up for a closer inspection.

    For a different outing on the sea, you can take an epic fishing excursion with Majestic Cruising for excellent reef fishing - expect to catch Red Roman, Silver Fish, Hottentot and many more depending on the season. Their luxurious boat is kitted out with all the fishing gear, as well as fresh water and ice. You can bring your own beverages and snacks.

    Along with whale watching, fishing and epic surf, you’ll find beaches in abundance to suit every heart’s desires. From private spots to meditate, to calm waters for kitesurfing – with a popular lagoon at Blue Flag Grotto Beach that is excellent for beginners. There are rock pools for kids to investigate slimy critters and learn to snorkel, as well as large marine pools to indulge in safer swimming. Find the perfect waters for kayaking, scuba, SUP, and so much more. The maritime climate is great for beach days, but also fantastic for growing vineyards.

    woman surfing a wave

    Experience a valley of internationally-accoladed wines. There are many wine tour offerings – of which a particularly exciting one is Wine Hoppers. This fantastic drink-and-don’t-drive venture was started by Whalehaven Winery. Situated at the start of the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, Whalehaven Winery produces top-notch French varieties, of which their Merlot and Cabernet Franc are well-acclaimed. The hop-on-hop-off wine hoppers take you on a safari-style tour of various wineries to sample delightful wines and eats. Each wine farm has its unique charm and many have fine dining and wine pairings.

    There’s a reason the region won its status of Creative City of Gastronomy, with numerous
    restaurants and cafés boasting an array of delectable eats. There are two picturesque harbours of which the Old Harbour, located in the heart of Hermanus CBD at the Waterfront, has historic value and charming old stone structures. The New Harbour is 2.6km away and is the active harbour where boats launch and drinks and dining can also be enjoyed.

    From beaches and harbours, a glorious vineyard-filled valley, and ample excellent dining, there’s also the magic of the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, about 2.5km from the CBD. Here you’ll find many hiking routes to explore, some leading to trickling streams and waterfalls, others to three incredible dams.

    What’s not to love about this year’s venue for the IBC Bodyboarding World Tour Event? If you find yourself falling in love with Hermanus, as many do, let Seeff Hermanus assist you with short-term holiday bookings, long-term rentals, as well as property purchases for those who just can’t get enough. At Seeff, Home is Our Story.

    Author: Ruché Ten Have @ The Marketing Desk (On behalf of Seeff Hermanus)
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