Great tips for the ultimate herb garden

    Nothing provides solace quite like gardening; keep yourself in the loop with great tips for the ultimate herb garden from Seeff.

    With everything going on globally, many people find comfort in adding green to their lives through the delicate task of gardening, while experienced gardeners are delving deeper into their gardening activities and experimenting with new ideas. Thankfully you don’t require a green thumb or a large plot of land to reap the benefits of starting a herb garden.

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    yellow gardening boots next to garden tools

    Tip 1: Grab your Gardening Tool Set

    Before setting out to create the ultimate herb garden of your dreams, it helps to come prepared, as gardening can be an arduous task without the proper gardening toolset. While you can use your bare hands and brute strength for most gardening activities, you can prevent some severe back injuries by investing in a quality gardening toolset. The bottom line is if you are planning to grow a garden, you need the right tools with the correct functionality and strength to plant, care for, and harvest your herb plants. 

    Unsure what the 12 essential garden tools for beginners are? We have you covered; remember to properly clean and store your gardening toolset to prevent rust and damage.

    garden fork and pots

    Tip 2: Location, Location, Sunlight

    Now that you have your garden toolset, you can begin creating the herb garden of your dreams, but where should you start? They say that location is everything, but they are only half right when it comes to growing herb plants. Sunlight is the other half of the herb gardening equation, as, without sufficient sunlight, your herb garden will wither away before your herbs have any chance of growing.

    Most herbs require plenty of sunlight to reach their full potential, so you must choose a site that receives at least six to eight hours of sunlight per day. Using a herb sunlight chart can also provide you with the knowledge of each herb's sunlight requirements.

    square shaped plant box

    Tip 3: Vertical Garden Planters

    When deciding on the perfect location for your ultimate herb garden, vertical garden planters offer a practical and stylish way to separate yourself from the more traditional options. They are an ideal alternative for those who have little to no garden space. 

    With so many available for purchase, it can be challenging to ascertain the best vertical garden planters. From wall-mounted to free-standing, there are various options to choose from, and you are sure to find one that suits your taste.

    brick layer garden path

    Tip 4: The Art of Garden Paths

    Another stylish idea to implement when creating your ultimate herb garden, traditional garden paths are a great idea for those who have ample garden space. The addition of a garden path through or alongside your herb garden creates a classically beautiful aesthetic. It will also encourage home visitors to gander at what herb plants you are growing and spark pleasant conversation.

    The construction of garden paths is usually a costly endeavour; however, there are many affordable walkway and garden path ideas to choose from, so you are sure to find one that resonates with you.

    edible herb plants

    Tip 5: Which Herb Plants Should You Plant

    Perhaps the most critical factor when constructing your ultimate herb garden is which herbs you should plant? The answer is entirely up to you and your tastes when it comes to which herbs you like. 

    If you’re feeling indecisive on what the top must-have herbs to grow at home in your herb garden are, that is okay, as there are several options available. From rosemary and mint to chives and parsley, you are sure to find at least one herb plant that tickles your taste buds.

    Herb Garden Family Preparation

    With the activity of gardening becoming a growing trend that brings people solace in these trying times, Seeff has your back with the latest tips to help you create the ultimate herb garden of your dreams and hopefully inspire your family to get involved in the process.

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    Author: Seeff Property Group
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