Garage remodel ideas

    Have you neglected your garage space?

    Seeff shows you the latest garage remodel ideas to transform your garage from a hoarder’s mess into an area that will undoubtedly impress.

    Your garage is simple user space that is often overlooked and left to the inevitable curse of hoarding clutter over time. With a few simple renovations, you can breathe new life into garage space and reshape it into a clean, organised and welcoming place. 


    garage storage space

    Idea 1: Garage Flooring 

    An effective way to reshape your garage, redoing your garage flooring is a practical and straightforward solution that will make your garage space look and feel brand new again. 

    Deciding on garage flooring can be tricky as you need to consider both aesthetics and practicality due to the unique demands placed on this space.

    From roll-out vinyl flooring to interlocking tiles, there are a variety of affordable garage flooring options to choose from when remodeling your garage space. 

    Idea 2: Wall Paint

    Nothing screams new like a fresh coat of wall paint; Repainting your garage wall is another simple garage remodel idea that can drastically alter the look and feel of the space.

    Selecting a type and colour of wall paint can be a big decision, and choosing the best wall paint for your garage is critical when remodeling your garage. Fortunately, we have you covered, and you are sure to find a garage wall paint solution that works for you.

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    Idea 3: Garage Windows

    Nothing is quite as revitalising as the presence of natural light. Therefore installing garage windows is an easy way to re-energise your garage space. Allowing natural light into your garage via garage windows also provides a wealth of benefits, including ventilation and design continuity for your home. 

    Garage windows are available in various options with different applications suited to your design taste, from skylight windows to transoms.

    Idea 4: Roof Insulation

    man installing roof insulation

    Roof insulation is a critical factor. It efficiently regulates the temperature in your garage, keeping it balanced regardless of the season. 

    Insulating your garage roof also provides other benefits such as temperature regulation and expanding the life of perishable products stored in your garage.

    Unsure how to insulate your garage roof or what type of insulation material to use? From fibreglass to cotton batts, there are various options to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect solution for your garage.

    Idea 5: Storage Space

    Perhaps the most effective of all the garage remodel ideas, making efficient use of your garage storage space and avoiding clutter can restore your garage to its former glory and beyond.

    From multi drawers and fitted cabinets to storage walls, there are many ingenious garage storage space ideas for you to find the best possible solution to suit your garage remodeling needs.

    Seeff has you covered with the latest garage remodel ideas to breathe new life into your neglected garage.

    "Please note: All building conversions and renovations must always be subject to local bylaws and building regulations."

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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