DIY Pantry Organisation Hacks: A Step-By-Step Guide to Organise Your Pantry

    When it comes to decluttering your home, why hire someone when you can do it yourself? Here is an easy step-by-step guide to improving your pantry's structure and turning your home into a more organised space.


    When undertaking a DIY project in your pantry, the following steps will come in handy regardless of the size of your cupboards:

    • Clear containers for the win
    • Label everything
    • Implement cupboard turntables
    • Decant all your snacks
    • Install wall hooks

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    Clear Containers for the Win

    The first step to transforming your pantry is to start with a clean slate. Begin the transition by emptying your pantry.

    Cleaning out and removing all the clutter in your pantry will give you a fair idea of what you want to give away, throw out, or keep. If you have any goods you would like to donate, Seeff's Home2Home initiative is a fantastic way to contribute to communities in need. 

    Once you have finished cleaning out your pantry and sorted which items you want to keep, the next step is to store your things into containers. We recommend using clear storage containers to keep them organised. 

    Everything in your pantry should have a designated container, and clear storage containers are the perfect solution, being both practical and a low-cost alternative. Another clever tip is to arrange your containers with the most commonly used items positioned within reach; this will streamline your pantry processes and also save on time in the long run. 

    If for any reason, you cannot locate clear plastic bins, glass jars are another excellent alternative and perfectly fit into your pantry aesthetic when placed on shelves.

    Label Everything

    labeled kitchen spice containers in the pantry

    The next step to our DIY pantry organisation hacks is to label everything. Placing clear labels on your containers and developing a functional system will help you quickly identify their contents. 

    Labelling your containers can also assist with cooking meals as you will spend less time looking for the ingredients you need. In larger shared households, labelling is essential as it designates ownership over certain items and prevents unnecessary conflict.

    To make your own labels, you can either save on costs and make your own using a die cutting machine or purchase vinyl labels from your nearest craft store. 

    Implement Cupboard Turntables

    spices on pantry cupboard turntables

    Source: Houzz

    This next DIY pantry organisation hack will have you turning in the right direction, literally; Cupboard turntables, also known as revolving racks or a Lazy Susan, are an excellent way to maximise cupboard space. 

    Turntables have a rotating design function that allows them to rotate 360 degrees, which means you can easily retrieve the contents of your cupboard. We recommend installing turntables on your top shelves that are higher up and contain more difficult-to-reach items. 

    Decant All Your Snacks

    This clever DIY pantry organisation hack is decanting all your snacks. We are aware that decanting refers to wine; however, we strictly refer to snacks such as cereal, chips, sweets, and similar snack foods in this scenario. 

    Decanting these foods out of their bulky packaging and transferring them to clear, air-tight containers will preserve them for an extended period and save you a significant amount of storage space.

    Install Wall Hooks

    pantry wall hooks

    Source: Houzz 

    Installing wall hooks will save you space and hopefully hang around for a while; hanging wall hooks is an excellent way to preserve what little space you have in your pantry. 

    Items such as potholders, reusable grocery bags and kitchen aprons should not consume your much-coveted drawer space; instead, install hooks on the back of a door or on your wall to maximise the area of your pantry. 

    There is always room in your pantry begging you to convert it into much-needed storage space.

    When it comes to sorting out your pantry, we understand that any quick hacks to make the process easier are worth their weight in gold and can further improve the value of your home. 

    We hope you find this guide helpful when you muster up the courage to reorganise your pantry, and while you're at it, why not consider creating a recycling system in your home too?

    Author: Ted Frazer
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