Declutter your home in 4 simple steps

    Learn the most effective decluttering techniques around. These tips will help make your living space more enjoyable and pleasing to the eye.

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    1. Deciding what to keep from your clutter

    The first step to decluttering is having a positive mindset about the change this will make to your quality of life. So you’ve accumulated a variety of knick-knacks and items that hold sentimental value over the years. While it may be challenging to let go of the things you never imagined parting with, living in a home with unlimited storage is not a reality for most. Look at it as a stepping stone toward making new memories while upgrading the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

    2. Be ruthless with the things you need vs the things you want

    What you shouldn’t do when decluttering is try to hold on to things that have long past their usefulness. Organise your items into separate piles. If it doesn't fall under the absolute-must-have category, it needs to be put into the goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend pile. Think about the things you use most often in your daily routines. What items have become essential to your productivity and offer the most convenience? These will be things you keep that add to your quality of life without taking up too much space. 

    Have a plan of action for each room that needs attention and stick to it. Follow this brief guide to a basic organisation of each room:


    • Throw away containers that are old/without lids and can’t be repurposed. 
    • Label and update your spice drawers.


    • Decant almost empty shampoo and conditioner bottles into travel-size containers and store for handy packing.
    • Declutter your bathroom cabinet by binning any expired products/medication and sterilising the shelves. 


    • Remove any unnecessary items from your nightstands and replace them with calming candles and convenient items like make-up remover wipes/moisturiser. 
    • Optimise your storage space by lining the inside of your cupboard doors with dividers used to store shoes, handbags, accessories etc.

    modern minimalist living room

    3. Embrace the minimalist look

    There’s a reason why the saying “less is more” is so popular. Having clean surfaces around your home can bring peace of mind and looks naturally high-maintenance with the least amount of effort required. A minimalistic sense of interior decor can take your house from Extreme Makeover to the cover of Architectural Digest. Limit the number of appliances and ornaments you keep on shelving, countertops and tables. Choose one or two standout pieces to decorate with or that serve a function instead of multiple items. Ensure you aren’t overwhelmed when you begin to declutter as this will have a negative effect on your decision-making. Light some incense, make a cup of chamomile tea and embrace your inner zen. 

    4. Ensure you keep the clutter at bay

    Once you’ve done the heavy labour and your home is almost unrecognisable (in a good way!), it’s time to implement methods that will keep your home as fresh as possible. The things you’ve gotten rid of need to stay gone. Donating to charities or family and friends is a good idea to feel better about the decluttering process. Having a garage sale is a great way to get involved in your community while doing something positive. 

    Once you have a clean slate to work with, it’s easier to get excited about embarking on a new interior journey. The biggest step to creating a whole new world even Aladdin would be proud of is from gaining inspiration from homes similar to yours. This will help you get a feel of how to maximise the dimensions of your home to its full potential. 

    With so many benefits to decluttering your home, it’s hard not to want to get started right away! While it took you a while to gather all this clutter, you will need to take some time preparing to live in a completely new space. Embracing the feng-shui aspect of a cleaner home aligned with your individuality will leave you feeling energised in your space, as well as become a more welcoming place for others. 

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    Author: Seeff Property Group
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