Congratulations Brett Botsis for celebrating 10 years as Seeff Umhlanga Licensee

    Turning forty this year and celebrating 10 years’ as Seeff’s Licensee for Umhlanga, Brett Botsis’ real estate story began when he was just 22-years old.

    He joined the real estate business back in 2004 as a young and enthusiastic Kearsney College old boy. Today, he has 17-years of experience in the real estate game and boasts impressive experience in property and is considered one of the local industry leaders. Brett bought into Seeff Umhlanga with the aim to bring a fresh and innovative approach to the business while building on relationships established over many years.

    Brett’s family has a rather decorated history in the property industry. His father had a successful 25-year career in property development and administration with expertise in the commercial side and in the earlier days, was one of the pioneers of Share Block syndications in KwaZulu-Natal and was part of the team who developed many of the high-rise buildings on the Durban beachfront including Maluti between the Maharani and Elangeni hotel, Malindi in Umhlanga and Malaga, Malpark and Malgrove in Durban North located next to the Hypermarket.

    Brett says his father remains a tower of strength and always available for sound advice on the day-to-day running of the business if required. Brett’s mother and step-father, Anni and Warren Eisele, are also well known to Umhlanga residents and two of KZN’s most experienced and successful agents. His younger brother, Ryan, has pursued a career as an attorney, specialising in property and commercial law and owns his own practice in Umhlanga Rocks.

    Brett trained at the Corfield School of Real Estate with instructor Jill Corfield and qualified as a Certified Estate Agent. Jill Corfield is now one of his exclusive trainers and consultants at Seeff Umhlanga and is responsible for training Seeff Umhlanga’s agents for their NQF4 qualifications and other specialised topics.

    Brett has always had a passion for property. As a rookie agent, he purchased his first property at the age of just 23-years. This was largely due to the fact that he kept his ear to the ground. He was earning good commissions and used the bank as leverage to achieve his objective. By the time Brett was 25, he owned three properties.

    Brett has experienced a variety of different market conditions, notably the 2007/8 downturn when the National Credit Act was implemented, and the Global Financial Crisis caused international markets to plunge. The local interest rate increased and property enquiries dropped significantly. This placed pressure on agents as the scales tipped considerably.

    Brett says his mentor’s advice was “when things go quiet, you stick to the basics” and so, he literally went back to the basics of “cold-calling 101” and going from door-to-door talking to homeowners. It was this and a combination of sitting consistently doing Sunday Show-days that pulled the business through what Brett considers one of the more challenging times of his career.

    Brett has qualified with his PDE 5 (Master Practitioner in Real Estate) as well as having his STSR (Sectional Title Specialist Realtor) qualification through Paddocks in conjunction with UCT - his expertise in offering sound and astute property advice is second to none. Brett has immersed himself in the property business and educating himself to ensure that along his 10-year journey, he has never stopped learning.

    Brett has taken a very fresh and innovative approach to the business, bringing youthful energy and management skills to the fore. His implementation of specific sales strategies has ensured the required positive result and firmed his agents’ cohesion and team spirit.

    A strong character, with natural leading abilities has ensured Brett's ability to lead his team of agents into a successful sales and rentals team over the past decade. Brett says that Umhlanga Rocks is a unique property market, providing an enormous opportunity for investment across the board.

    Seeff Umhlanga is made up of 26 agents and is a "one-stop-shop" providing professional real estate services offering:

    -      Comprehensive Property Evaluations

    -      Customised Marketing Campaigns for New Development and High End real estate

    -      Residential Sales and Letting

    -      Commercial Sales and Letting

    -      New Developments

    -      Property Administration

    -      Assistance with Bond Finance through ooba

    Seeff Umhlanga’s objective is to maintain a consistent level of outstanding Customer Support, by providing clients with a swift service and expert advice through training their agents to become fully qualified professionals who have a superior understanding of the local property market.

    Seeff Umhlanga’s reputation and ranking in the marketplace is a testament to the superior service levels that you will experience when dealing with any of the agents.

    Contact Seeff Umhlanga today on 031 561 1090 or

    Author: Gina Meintjes
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