4 Benefits to choosing a Nutec home when downsizing

    Seeff explores the value of Nutec homes and why they’re an ideal option if you want to downsize and build your own property.  

    Are you frustrated with your current lifestyle? Strapped for cash, stressed about maintaining a big house, and feeling the need to downsize? With your children leaving home, rooms standing empty, and your landlord refusing to allow any renovation, you aren’t living the life you envisioned. And yet, buying your own property is out of your budget. What are your options if you want to downsize and still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle?

    Look no further than a Nutec home!

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    What Is Nutec 

    Nutec is an artificial material formed from mixing and then compressing fibres into cement and silica. The result is a board-like material, which you’ll apply to the frames of small homes, outside sheds and wendy houses, and even double-storey homes. These boards serve as cladding for any interior or exterior. 

    Nutec has its benefits if you’re looking to downsize on a budget:

    Nutec house

    Source: Everite


    Is a Nutec home cheap to build? It needs to be if you’re downsizing and unable to afford a typical house. 

    According to Property Connect, constructing a Nutec home costs about 15% less than a brick and mortar house (Property Connect, 2018). The financial benefits continue when you consider that not only are Nutec homes long-lasting and typically more durable compared to plastered houses, but they take less time to construct.  

    However, do apply caution when you decide to buy (or build) a Nutec home. It is always safer to go with a reliable manufacturer rather than an individual on Gumtree or social media who seems too cheap to be true. 

    • In March 2021, IOL News reported that one of the biggest scams in South Africa was the “sale” of Nutec homes and wendy houses. A Nutec home seemed like a cheap alternative to a regular house, especially for a nation with a housing shortage, but certain individuals took advantage of the situation and posed as genuine sellers offering up Nutec homes. 

    Unfortunately, many people lost their money to this scam. 


    Nutec is an eco-friendly material manufactured from renewable fibres and comes certified by SATA or SABS standards. Suppose you want to downsize on a budget. In that case, Nutec is an investment worth making - not only because the manufacturing process doesn’t damage the natural environment, but because the boards are sustainable and require less maintenance than a traditional house. A Nutec home is made to last!

    Nutec wendy

    Source: Everite

    Everite Building Products Pty Ltd., a local South African company, is proudly eco-conscious regarding Nutec roofing and cladding solutions. 

    • Everite has reduced its volume of Nutec production waste by 75% since its inception. They also recycle all raw materials (such as water) used during the production process. Ultimately, their goal is to one day reach zero production waste.

    Easy To Build And Timeous 

    Time is money. And when money is tight and you’re renting a large home that costs you a fortune on utilities and maintenance, you can’t afford to wait around for your new house to be built.  

    So how long does it take to build a Nutec home? Significantly less than a usual house. Of course, this depends on the size, but on average, the construction of a Nutec house can take about 3 weeks.


    Nutec boards are water-resistant, fireproof, and you won’t have to worry about rodents chewing through them or fungus growing in your walls; Nutec is rodent and fungus resistant!  

    • Did you know: Nutec is very similar to asbestos, except it comes without health risks. 

    Invest In A Nutec Home When You Want To Downsize

    Owning small and living big is possible with a Nutec home. You might have to downsize, but why should it rob you of a comfortable lifestyle?

    Visit Seeff’s blog for more guidance on downsizing and buying your next home.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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