Meet The Canine of Constantia Watch: Patrol Dog K9 Seeff

    Not all heroes wear capes; some have canines! Meet the patrol dog of Constantia Watch, safeguarding his neighbourhood 

    In the quiet, leafy streets of Constantia, Cape Town, K9 Seeff is the remarkable Belgian Malinois patrol dog dedicated to protecting this tranquil neighbourhood. Under the watchful eye of Trevor Vroom, chairman of Constantia Watch, K9 Seeff proves time and again that even copper thieves can't evade his keen senses.

    During a routine patrol, a Constantia Watch member spotted suspicious individuals carrying copper. The initial search was unsuccessful, but then a Fidelity ADT officer spotted a white T-shirt under the Doordrift bridge. 

    What Is Constantia Watch?

    Constantia Watch, established in 2007 by the community, is a proactive crime monitoring initiative dedicated to safeguarding residents and property values. It operates solely on voluntary contributions from local residents and businesses, making it one of the country's most advanced community safety organisations.

    At its core, Constantia Watch boasts a 24/7 control room known as CVIC (Constantia Valley Information Centre), centrally located in Constantia. The organisation is registered with the Wynberg Community Police Forum and the Department of Community Safety (DOCS). It holds public benefit organisation (PBO) status and Section 18(a) tax status, with annual financial audits ensuring transparency and accountability.

    The operations of Constantia Watch are supervised by a team of consultants who report to a managing committee comprising local residents. 2010 saw the introduction of a Special Response Team (SRT) to counter opportunistic criminals coming from the mountainous and green belt areas.

    The SRT comprises six highly-trained tactical officers equipped with state-of-the-art technology, patrolling in distinctive black bakkies with yellow markings. In 2011, Constantia Watch implemented License Plate Recognition technology (LPR) and strategically positioned cameras across the neighbourhood, green belts, and other critical locations to enhance security. The K9 unit, an integral part of the organisation, was established in 2019.

    Meet The Patrol Dogs Of Constantia Watch

    Two highly skilled Belgian Malinois dogs, KC and Seeff, serve as invaluable assets in the organisation's Special Response Team (SRT). These dogs were selected for their suitability in SRT operations, boasting a lineage bred for military and policing duties to ensure a long and productive partnership.

    The rigorous training regimen for these specialised patrol dogs spans six days a week, encompassing tracking, obedience, and combat skills. In a remarkable display of potential, K9 Seeff, a mere 21 months old in November 2023, successfully tracked and aided in the arrest of a wanted suspect, highlighting the exceptional capabilities of these canines.

    James Lewis, Licensee for Seeff Southern Suburbs and Constantia, proudly sponsors K9 Seeff. He provides support that includes food to maintain peak physical condition and ongoing training.

    K9 seeff patrol dog with his handlers in constantia watch

    James Lewis emphasises that beyond providing local residents with peace of mind, Constantia Watch plays a pivotal role in maintaining property values and driving demand in the area. Security has emerged as a paramount consideration for potential buyers when deciding to invest in a neighbourhood and significantly influences property prices.

    For additional details about Constantia Watch and its initiatives, please visit their official website.
    Members can also reach the control room round the clock at 086 000 2669 to report any instances of crime or suspicious behaviour.

    Author: Seeff Head Office
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