A hint of Seeff in every bite

    When it comes to cooking, there is a certain joy that comes with creating something delicious and satisfying. But what if that joy was amplified by being able to give back to your community while doing so? 

    This is exactly what the Seeff Tulbagh team experienced during this year's Potjiekos Kompetisie, where they were able to showcase their culinary skills while supporting a very worthy cause.

    The Potjiekos Kompetisie is an annual event held in Tulbagh, South Africa, where teams compete to cook the best potjie, a traditional South African stew. This year, the Seeff Tulbagh team entered the competition, bringing with them not only their cooking skills but also their commitment to their community.

    The Seeff Tulbagh team may be known for their expertise in real estate, but during the competition, they showed that they were more than capable of cooking up a storm. Their secret ingredient? A hint of Seeff in every bite. Their potjie was made with fresh seafood, straight from the ocean, and cooked to perfection.

    But the competition was not just about winning. The Seeff team's main goal was to be a part of the community and to support a very worthy cause. The proceeds from the event went towards Huis Disa, a local organization that provides care for the elderly. By participating in the competition, the Seeff team was able to give back to the community while doing something they love.

    Seeff Tulbagh participating in the Potjiekos Kompetisie 2023

    The images of the day speak for themselves. The Seeff Tulbagh team was clearly having a blast, despite the heat and the pressure of the competition. They were able to share their passion for cooking and their commitment to their community with everyone in attendance. It was a true demonstration of the Seeff ethos, which emphasizes community and giving back.

    In conclusion, the Seeff Tulbagh team's participation in the Potjiekos Kompetisie was more than just about cooking a great potjie. It was about being a part of the community, supporting a worthy cause, and having fun while doing so.

    Their culinary skills were on full display, but more importantly, they were able to show their commitment to their community and their desire to make a positive impact. And with a hint of Seeff in every bite, their potjie was a true reflection of their values and their dedication.

    Author: Andre Pentz (on behalf of Seeff Tulbagh)
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